Compelling Theater

Compelling Theater

American Repertory Theater of WNY focuses upon seasons featuring original works by 716 playwrights, writers and poets. Although highlighting regional works is a challenging season endeavor, the creative rewards is enriching for the company. 

But the struggle will continue to bring original works to the stage. Challenges include the creative stigma associated with new works, perceptions that it's a "deranged" idea producing original works in a complete season, patron uncomfortably with unfamiliar plays, and lack of interest in theater unless it's "gimmick theater" or "Hello Dolly". Whichever it may be, the fight is real and continuing.

However, ART/WNY will remain steadfast in premiering local playwrights and giving opportunities to those who may not find them at other Buffalo-based theaters. Because, as the company's mission statement and artistic vision maintains, in presenting works, diversity is the main goal. Not only with presentation, but with the audience base. This is achieved by affordable tickets that allows all community members to attend all ART/WNY shows. 

ART/WNY invites you to become part of a growing commitment to theater that serves a purpose. A purpose that is solely based on poignant, compelling, and diverse narratives which creates provocative that. in turn, will open community dialog. Despite Status Quo opinion, this isn't deranged, unorthodox or poor business decisions. This is what will keep theater going through the digital age, Netflix narratives, and presentations relying on drunk actors or dusty ol' chestnut crowd pleasers.  

American Repertory Theater of WNY wants you to part of this honest movement. Please join us through Facebook, Instagram, or visiting the company's website. 

Love the 716 in You!  

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