Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are ART/WNY's COVID Policies?

ART/WNY will carefully monitor any Governmental requirements for COVID protocol. The company does not require patrons to wear masks before or during performances. ART/WNY does, however, request patrons who may be feeling cold or flu-like symptoms to wear a mask for the overall safety of both fellow patrons and performers.

The situation remains fluid and American Repertory Theater of WNY is continually monitoring trends, health-news updates, and other COVID related information.

  • What's the deal with buying tickets?

No big deal. At the current moment, ART/WNY is requiring patrons to purchase online tickets through the company's VENMO page. Please include in the purchase your NAME, PERFORMANCE DATE, CONTACT INFO, and any additional seating arrangements. Upon confirmation message of purchase, the company reserves the seats for you and your friends on that evening. Just check in at the box-office for confirmation prior to the performance, and the rest is up to ART/WNY to accommodate you. 

  • But I don't have VENMO, what should I do?

No problem! Reservations may also be made by calling or texting 716- 697 - 0837. Please include name, number of tickets, date of performance. But if the show is sold out, ART/WNY's box office will contact you. These reservations can be paid in-person through credit card, check or cash.

  • Is there parking?

The 545 Elmwood location does not have parking for patrons. The former Children Hospital John C Gallagher Ramp off of Elmwood Avenue (between Utica and Hodge Avenue-across from Thin Man Brewery) is open to the public. Or park and walk because the Elmwood Strip is awesome!

  • What time does the production start? What evenings are performances?

Thurs & Fri - 7:30 pm/Sat 5 pm. The company does not schedule matinees. Occasionally ART/WNY will schedule an "Industry Night" during a run. Check the particular production for update to which evenings performances are running.

  • Do you cancel shows due to bad weather?

Hard to imagine in summer but, yes, ART/WNY will cancel shows due to bad weather if there is a travel ban on the city or surrounding areas, and if conditions create hazardous driving conditions for actors, production crew and patrons. Generally, notification will come in the form of website post, social media post and if reservation a phone call will be made.

  • What's the meaning of Life?

Dunno. Live Life, Love and watch theater?

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