Donating to ART/WNY

Donating to ART/WNY

Donating to ART/WNY

For over 13 seasons, the American Repertory Theater of WNY has relied on the "Grass-Roots" support of the Western New York community. A larger percentage of revenue comes through direct ticket sales, subscriptions, individual donations or fundraising.  American Repertory Theater of WNY  does not rely on government or public money, grants or foundations to carry the budget. Instead, ART/WNY  relies on patron and  local businesses support to generate revenue streams.

68% of funding comes from the private and business sector. That's YOU making a difference!

The highest percentage of the donations use is the price of renting a privately owned building to perform at. American Repertory Theater of WNY is one of the few operating theater companies in the Western New York area that has to pay for both rent and utilities.

The majority of remaining expenses are for production related items including royalties, personnel, designers, directors, sets, costumes and props.

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